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Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
as the marathon is concerned, mayor bloomberg saying this infuses $300 million into our local economy, so i think that is a push. i would imagine a big push there on staten island is trying to get the power back on. >> reporter: power is a major issue. there are policemen in every single intersection. because the power is out, so many gas stations can't power up to actually pump the gasoline, and that is why you see stations that do have power have so many long lines. it's just a domino affect. problem after problem after problem with the power and the power's been out here for a week now. >> all right, paul wagner, good to have you on the ground there with perspective. thank you. >>> still ahead, a fight caught camera at the local high school. why the mother of one of the girls said this could have been prevented. >> and she made a fortune making body shaping underwear. why the founder of spanx is opening her first store in our area. >> and cars trashed after a massive water main break. the question tonight, who is to blame, gary? >> we have had a little bit of sunshine today, and it looks like
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> they say the marathon brings $300 million. important to the economy there. >> absolutely. >>> and let's talk about the forecast. >> the weekend is almost here. >> and i am hoping they will get out of here and open things up. >> is that why we're still stuck? >> that is why. we hope for a few breaks and some energy. the little ones are the ones we don't see and this is what is going in terms of our clouds and breeze, too. and -- breezy, too. the cameras bouncing a little bit there and that is zoomed in. stubborn clouds will last for one more day and. >> the spotty showers out there. no big deal. they amount to nothing more than a spring will here or there and let me show you the setup. basically what happens wih and get out of here and slowly. it looks like if we can build the high pressure going into the weekend, we're going to end up, perhaps, the sunnier weekend. and that is looking good. we'll end up with more sunshine for the weekend and that will help the temperatures just a little bit and we're talking lower 50 east to mid-50s. sunny -- 50s to mid-50s. sunnyger and warmer. the n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2